• @manton well, exactly cookies are the most pressing part. European GDPR and Cooke Consents are very unforgiving.

  • @ohBananaJoe das war eine Antwort auf einen alten thread von uns. /ignore

  • @manton please definitely do that. That would be much appreciated. In Germany, bloggers are required to display all data that the website collects about a visitor.

  • @jean there is a hair cut culled „duck butt“ and it used to pretty popular in the 50s.

    reference image

  • @jean oops sorry. Thank you for helping out.

  • @manton one advice I once got which helped me immensely: get rid of at least 3 rectangles you can place stuff on. The make it look clean.

    This way you downsize your opportunities to store something you really don’t need.

    Also a wonderful rule: „When you enter the room, the only things visible are what you work with EVERY day. The rest ist stored somewhere.“

    I reall love this.

  • @gr36.com That person looks like made of plastic?

  • @ohBananaJoe Hast es mit Signal mittlerweile geschafft,

  • @mandon @jean as a german blogger i need to include a data-policy into the website. Is there one of micro.blog for blog-visitors (not micro.blog users) that i can refer to?

  • @jean @micro I definitely did that 😍

  • @tiffany What do you mean with „for better or worse“?

  • @jean fountain pen and paper enthusiasts??? Where? 😍

  • @ohBananaJoe das lässt sich für Peers ändern.

  • @macgenie BTW I mailed you weeks ago regarding a shipment of micro.blog stickers to Germany - did you receive it? Cause I never received the stickers 😔

  • @ohBananaJoe leider ist deine Aussage einfach wahr.

  • @hutaffe haha ich versteh das total. Manchmal halten einem die Kids auf brutale Art und Weise einen Spiegel vor.

  • @manton Thank you that worked perfegtly

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