• 📺 YouTube recommended my kids to join the army

    If you have children, you are probably aware of the problems that arise with content aimed at the smallest of us: tons of ads (seriously, four(!) advertisement-breaks in a 12min-video?!)

    However, while watching „Prinzessin Lillifee“ on YouTube today, the ad algorithm displayed a recruitment spot of the German military. This resulted in several questions from my kids:

    • Why are they wearing these funny green tiger costumes?
    • They have guns, are these people evil?
    • Daddy, I don’t want to see people with guns, are they robbers? Or pirates?

    Do I really need to pay YouTube RED, just to protect my kids from adult content? Like, really? What is Google doing…

  • Two great quotes for today

    Developer Quote of the day:

    „There are intelligent people who do frontend, and there are intelligent people who do backend. For the rest — there is weekend.“

    I love quotes like these, another one on diversity is:

    „Have you seen these ACAB taglines everywhere? I love how these people emphasise that „All Colors Are Beautiful“


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